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You will gain decades of experience

With surface treatment and corrosion protection, it is important to know what you are doing. We do, because we've been doing it for decades. That's why we don't just master the professionalism, we also have broad experience across industries and needs.

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You gain awareness of responsibility

We make a lot of effort to create proper conditions so that the health and safety of both employees and customers are in control. And so we consciously work to lower our environmental impact.

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We make the process of selecting and managing industrial surface treatment solutions as easy and accessible as possible with our innovative online platform.

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“DOT is very much a structured and well-organized supplier that you can always rely on. The collaboration between DOT and WM Press has long been appreciated and significant!”
Christoffer Andersson,
Quality manager, WM Press AB
“With two deliveries per week, DOT solves our short lead times to the customer and the fact that we can also move up to corrosion class C5 with the addition of paint makes them a strong partner.”
Martin Fasth
Product Manager, Ydregrinden AB
“DOT has been our partner for many years, where delivery reliability, quality and short delivery times have made them the obvious choice for us.”
René Pazur
Technical Sales Manager, BE Group AB
“DOT's quality system makes it easy to track deliveries and secure certificates, and through good cooperation we solve the tasks together.”
Erik Åström
VD, Ferex Produktion AB
Ferex logo
“DOT is a good subcontractor that is flexible and responsive to our requirements for quality and delivery reliability. Over the years, we have built good logistics solutions together to be able to deliver components and system solutions directly from DOT to the end customer.”
Erik Åström
VD, Ferex Produktion AB
Ferex logo
“DOT is and has been our faithful partner for many years because we value quality, reliability of delivery, flexibility and ongoing technical sparring/support very highly. The important factors DOT has delivered to our complete satisfaction.”
Bent Kærsgaard
Owner/CEO, Kærsgaard A/S
Kærsgaard A/S logo
“At DOT, we have been assigned a permanent contact person who takes care of all our inquiries. It gives a really good understanding and any challenges are solved quickly and painlessly.”
Mark Hassing Christensen
Production Manager, Fasterholt Maskinfabrik A/S
Fasterholt maskinfabrik logo
“The short reaction time from web booking until the item is picked up is perfect. The close and good relationship we have with DOT's employees, around discussing difficult and complex designs that could cause us challenges if we did not get the competent advice about our products makes DOT the right partner for cooperation.”
Danny Hansen
Factory Manager, Fasterholt Maskinfabrik A/S
Fasterholt maskinfabrik logo
“We have worked successfully with DOT for many years on hot-dip galvanizing our steel structure projects. Price and performance, service and quality convince us again and again. And if something goes wrong, it will be resolved quickly and in partnership. Good cooperation from start to finish.”
Marco Buthmann
Owner & CEO, Buthmann Ingenieur-Stahlbau AG
Buthmann logo
“We have used DOT throughout Altana's lifetime, and have been very pleased with the good dialogue and quality we have experienced in the cooperation - also around driving. We see it as a big part of working with such a big player in the market in terms of know-how, quality, documentation and delivery stability.” 
Morten Karlshøj
Technical Director, Altana A/S
Altana logo
“DOT is a good professional partner for Ellinge Smedie A/S in the field of surface treatment and not least documentation of the same. DOT are always offer good sparring during the offer phase as well as during the execution phase. In addition, the logistics department at DOT is always flexible and helpful, so everything goes into a higher unit.”
Karsten Pedersen
CEO, Ellinge Smedie A/S
Ellinge Smedie logo
“We have come to know DOT as a company capable of building and maintaining good cooperation and that demonstrates a respectful and loyal behavior with helpful and service-minded employees.”
Brian Nielsen
Owner, OutdoorDesign ApS
OutdoorDesign Logo
“DOT has performed hot dip galvanizing and powder coating of our products for urban spaces and parks, as well as transportation to and from production sites and our end customers in our 3-year collaboration. They comply with agreements, have control over processes, procedures and quality, which is why they always deliver a very high finish.”
Brian Nielsen
Owner, OutdoorDesign ApS
OutdoorDesign Logo
“DOT is our largest process supplier and has been a good and effective partner for many years. It is our ambition to support our customers across the entire value chain, and here DOT is an important partner in terms of their expertise and competence in surface treatment.”
Poul Sommer Thomsen
Head of Supply Chain & Customer Support, Ib Andresen Industri A/S
“At KECON A/S, we have a requirement for high quality, as our parts are visible when they are installed in the buildings, which the work carried out by DOT lives up to. It is important to mention that dialogue is paramount when it comes to making things work, and here it also works very well.”
Bjarne Kristensen
Owner, KECON A/S
“KECON A/S has had a very good cooperation with DOT for 25 years. Our tasks involve logistics that must always be in order, and we have always been able to make this work with DOT.”
Bjarne Kristensen
Owner, KECON A/S
Selected case

Kaktus Towers

We have hot-dip galvanized and delivered many balconies in our approximately 40-year lifespan. Alot. But it's not every day that we create balconies that mean as much to the form and function of the building, and to the reception of the citizens, as was the case with Kaktus Towers.

Selected case

IrmaByen – Parkkanten

Once upon a time, the grocery chain IRMA's head office was located at Korsdalsvej in Rødovre. Today, a whole district has been built in the area in honor of Irma, and we have helped paint and hot-dip galvanize the many balconies of the homes so that they have a similar look that will last for many years.