Kaktus Towers

When the balcony is not just the balcony, but the building itself

We have hot-dip galvanized and delivered many balconies in our approximately 40-year lifespan. Alot. But it's not every day that we create balconies that mean as much to the form and function of the building, and to the reception of the citizens, as was the case with Kaktus Towers.


We turned critical publicity into professional motivation

Há Cactus Towers from Esbjerg Genies. We don't want to make ourselves judges of whether the buildings are beautiful or not, we can just observe that negative publicity adds an extra pressure. Especially because the very balconies that make up the controversial shape of the Cactus Towers were our delivery. But instead of letting ourselves be intimidated, we used it as motivation to do our job as well as possible, so that neither BIG nor the esbergences have a finger to put on the galvanised expression and durability.


Anti-standard and super-structured

Although we make a virtue out of being structured and efficient in our work, we always adapt to each individual project to ensure the right solution and the best possible collaboration. It wasn't that different with Cactus Towers. But with a clear vote from the get-go, we were able to get the job started, and with ongoing communication via MyDOT, we made sure BIG knew at all times whether we were sticking to the plan. Och vi har det: alle 500 balconys var hot-dip galvanizerad och på tid.


A razor-sharp and corny result

Cactus Towers is a unique construction project and we are proud to have been a partner on a crucial delivery for the ambition and success of the project. Quando funciamo con balcuni, e vi ha dono molti tempo, è più frequente come un addizione a un edificio e alcosa che non ripristino all'attenzione. For Cactus Towers ice the balconies of the building. Och det er att som kommer med det.

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