We have been treating surfaces for about 40 years

Office buildings, apartment buildings, bridges and libraries. We have experience with most things now.

our history

A lot can happen when you show up and do your job as well as possible every single day.

It all started in Fasterholt in 1984, where our name was not yet abbreviated but spelled out: Dansk Overflade Teknik. Since then, we have gradually become larger and more international — hence the name change to DOT, a name that rolls off the tongue a bit better for our Swedish, Norwegian, and German employees and customers.

Today, we count just under 600 employees across the Nordic region. And in line with the number of colleagues, we've expanded our manufacturing facilities and skills, and the industries we can help. So much so that we can confidently say that we can do it all. As long as it is about surface treatment and corrosion protection.

We keep track of the certificates
We were certified according to ISO 9001, quality management, as early as 1992. And in 2002 according to ISO 14001, environmental management.

Collaboration, security and simplicity.

The good cooperation

Although we work with buildings and structures, we are a human enterprise. Whether we succeed in making a good solution depends as much on the willingness to cooperate as on our professional abilities.

Safety first

Chemicals and heavy materials are an inevitable part of our work. We make a virtue of creating as safe working conditions as possible, both for our employees, our partners and our customers.

Easy and simple

We work on long term and large projects where it is crucial that we do things in a certain order to be as efficient as possible and to make the right solution. For example, we have made this process easier with MyDOT.

This is what it's like to work at DOT

Get good colleagues and make a noticeable difference

Our work makes buildings, bridges and roller coasters stay neat for as long as possible and withstand wind and weather as best as possible - without it harming the people in contact with the surfaces.

We don't get a lot of headlines or have a lot of followers on social media, but we still believe that we are making a positive difference. Every single day.

Does that sound like something to you?


Become a part of DOT

Ambitious and pleasant people. If you are one of them, then finally apply for a job with us. And if we don't have a vacancy that fits your profile, please finally send us an unsolicited application at job@dot.dk and then we'll see if we can work something out.

We currently have no vacant positions.