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What it takes to create 225 clearances

Once upon a time, the grocery chain IRMA's head office was located at Korsdalsvej in Rødovre. Today, a whole district has been built in the area in honor of Irma, and we have helped paint and hot-dip galvanize the many balconies of the homes so that they have a similar look that will last for many years.

Rødovre Kommune

Large-scale urban planning requires meticulous planning

Remember the time when you had to assemble an Ikea cabinet? Are you the type who reads the manual from end to end and neatly lays out the elements so that you have the full overview? Or do you just get going? We are the detail-oriented planner type. A. E quando es no seu e pergunta o partner você pode ser resposta, ma un teúltimo equipo de otras especificantes y partneres que depende na kalidad y punctualidad de tu distribución.


Seamless collaboration and secure delivery

Just like with the Ikea cabinet, it takes collaboration to succeed. And then imagine that your entire neighborhood can only embark on their Ikea cabinets once you've assembled yours. These are exactly the kinds of projects that led us to develop My DOT. Together with the customer, we could plan and continuously monitor the whole process. The customer knew exactly when we came to pick up the untreated balconies, they could keep up in how far along we were with the surface treatment, and because of that we could plan our delivery so that the customer could delivered it to the site themselves.


More than 225 uniform and durable balconies

Our core supply was 225 hot-dip galvanised and wet varnished balconies. But in the close picture, it's more than that. Ta. That thought motivates us. A sharp result and on-time delivery, we always expect that.

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