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A simple service with a full overview

To make it as good as possible for you to be a customer with us, we have created a self-service that gives you an overview of your projects with us. It's easy to use, so you can save time that you can spend on other things.

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Self-service made easy

We know that you have a lot on your to-do and that it should be easy to both book and check up on orders so you can get on with your day.

That's why we developed My DOT. A web app where you can create a booking in a few clicks, track the production status of your steel and download relevant documents. Everything you need, collected in one place.

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Four basic benefits of using My DOT

What exactly do you get out of using My DOT? Good question. Here we have collected four advantages.

You can see the production status

Get an overview of your projects and see how far we have come. Then you'll know when to be ready again.

You get everything in one place

Projects, documents and invoices. My DOT is your chrome-plated overview.

You can quickly reorder

If you need to make the same type of order, we have made it easy and fast for you.

You can use it on desktop, tablet and mobile

Sometimes you're on the road, sometimes at the office. Therefore, My DOT contains only the most important key functions that you need to use.


Only the most important functions

We've familiarized ourselves with what matters most to you as a customer, and we know you're busy. That's why My DOT contains only the most important key features you need to use.

Everything you need in one place

My DOT is a web app where you can create a booking, follow the production status of your steel and download relevant documents in just a few clicks. My DOT is everything you need gathered in one place.

Online booking

Via My DOT you can easily create a surfacing booking online. You can specify an item name or item number and quickly retrieve information on the subject from our system.

If the subject is not in our system, you can easily enter the subject info yourself and, as something new, you can use your mobile or tablet camera to take pictures of your subjects - instead of spending time drawing them by hand. After that, you choose the type of surface treatment you want, and when you have finally selected the pick-up date and address, it only takes two days* from when we have picked up your items until you have them again.

It is easy and effective.

*Applies to standard hot-dip galvanized items that you get back within typically 48 hours.

Live status

Under Status, you can track your items. You can see the production status of your items that DOT is currently processing. How far are they and when can you expect to receive or pick up your items again.

- It ensures you a much better overview.

Find invoices and other documents

My DOT works on all mobile and tablet devices, and you have the opportunity to see what we can see. This digital bridge between our system and your device means that you always have the information at your fingertips — whether you're at the office, on the road or on holiday.


3 simple steps and you're started

1. Grab us

Use our contact form to contact us with your request for creation on My DOT.

2. Fill in the registration sheet

Once your request is received, you will receive a sign-up sheet by mail to fill out.

3. Get a login

Once the registration sheet has been received and we have created you, you will receive an email with login information.

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Barbecue with My DOT

We are now giving away a cool 'n small gas grill from Morsø. The name is Morsø Forno Gas Piccolo and as soon as you hit 60 booked pick-up-days*, we will send you this handy gas grill together with a steak knife & fork set from WMF**.

*The campaign with the B&O speaker continues.
**Maximum 1 grill set per customer while stock lasts.