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Additional services

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In short, we create an affordable work process where you have to think about as little as possible. That's why we offer a range of assembly and finishing services.

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If the customer wishes, we have the option to store the finished materials until delivery is desired.


Once you have achieved a nice, aesthetic look, it is of course important that the further transport and treatment also saves the construction as much as possible. Therefore, we offer our customers to package the treated structures and workpieces so that they do not suffer any physical damage.


DOT offers our customers to make the final finish on their structures so that the construction will appear aesthetically correct. We can also, by agreement, offer to provide a place for customers who want to carry out welding work themselves, so that we can deliver finished structures ready for installation on the individual construction site.

Assembling the items

It can often be advantageous for the customer to let DOT handle the assembly of the items. We have the lifting capacity, the physical space and the competence to assemble the items. And then the customer is delivered a finished construction, ready for installation on the construction site.


When we deliver processed structures, it is often done at the individual construction and assembly sites. Several of DOT's trucks possess the necessary lifting tool, which allows it to assist with final assembly out on the “spot”.


Skilled employees and a well-developed machine park enable us to also offer our customers threading in their structures, so that both the timing aspect and the further assembly are greatly facilitated.

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