Our influence runs deeper than the surface

Although surface treatment and corrosion protection are all about buildings and structures, it ultimately helps to take care of both people and the environment.


We maximize service life and minimize damage

If a construction, such as a bridge or building, turns out to be unsustainable because the treatment and conservation of the materials has not been done thoroughly enough, it sends a big bill in the direction of society and the environment. And the human consequences that this may have, in the extreme case, we dare not even think about.

So there's quite a bit of responsibility lurking beneath the surface when it comes to what we do. And that's why we take it very seriously that every single project we work on is carried out accurately and professionally so that it can serve people as safely as possible and the environment for as long as possible.

Our solutions are no better than the people we hire. That's why we go to great lengths to find experienced and responsible people who are comfortable to work with.

Always and everything with quality, the customer and the environment in mind

When you cooperate with us, you get more than one supplier. You get a partner you can trust and who takes responsibility from start to finish.

We take responsibility for quality

Good workmanship is more sustainable because it lasts longer.

We make it as energy efficient as possible

When we save unnecessary time and resources, we use less energy.

We guide and advise according to the customer's needs

By aligning needs and expectations, it is easier to make the best solution on the first try.

We make collaboration simple and secure

Communication and openness are the key to a good and safe working environment for both customers and colleagues.

Corporate responsibility

Sustained self-sufficiency

We realize that surface treatment and especially zinc plating require a lot of energy, and it is difficult to make the energy meter run slower. But we are doing what we can to make sure that as much energy as possible comes from renewable sources and that we become 100% self-sufficient as soon as possible.


Here are four concrete examples of what we do to take responsibility

We have gone from gas to electricity

In our largest factory, we have switched from gas to electricity as a heating source.

We don't have fossil trucks

We have phased out our fleet of fossil trucks.

We install solar cells

We are in the process of installing solar cells at our factory in Norway.

We invest in wind turbines

We have our own wind turbine and are working on getting more.

Our Certificates

We keep track of the certificates

We keep up to date with the latest standards and requirements to deliver the results you expect from a company like ours.

ISO 14001 — Environment

We handle and use chemicals, dyes and materials in a responsible way to minimize damage to the environment.

ISO 9001 — Quality

We keep track of the quality of our products and services, and continually update our processes and systems to be as efficient as possible.

Approved for electroplating

We meet international standards and requirements for electroplating.